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The device is a global one and travel around the world will no longer be exclusive to the big pilot’s, senior executives and other jet engine to the specialists. The GMT function, which allows the watch to the owner is to read at the same time, on the second hour of the qurşağında, only in a better position, and not the face of the age, but it is also suitable for the Tudor Black Pitch. At the same time, the co-founder of Rolex, Hans Wilsdorf, who founded the Montres Tudor SA in 1946, with a high level of quality, for example, but it is not an expensive option for the Rolex, the Black Bay GMT, to test the watch will retain an attractive, value-for-money, and at the same time, the embrace of the calibre of the brand’s own production.

The Black Bay GMT is a simple, one-zone, the function of which is well-suited to everyday use, and also confirmed that the company’s strategy, the Rudder, in order to achieve self-reliance, and a distinctive brand identity. The Tudor trust me, has been to make the movements of the other Swiss manufacturers, since its inception in the year 2015, when the MT5612, and MT5621 calibers, it became the first of the Tudor movement, which is surrounded by a watch brand. After MT5813-calibre movement, which was created in co-operation with Poland, the MT5652 the caliber of being followed, for example, by a manufactory movement, with an additional complication.

The display of the time, they can work in various ways

In order to prove the design, rather than simply as a modular add-on is a caliber, is the fact that, as the clockwork, the prime is selected in the middle position, and the rotation of the hand, the hand moves forwards or backwards in order to view the time in another region at the same time, we are still carrying on the story to the screen. All of this is happening without having to stop the balance, which means that the exact amount of time is always stored for up to seconds. We are familiar with the similar devices of other modern movements, such as the Omega, and Breitling.

Time zone feature can be used in a variety of ways. The main option is to use the second hand of a 24-hour time format if your local time zone. If you want to quickly display a different time zone, simply switch to the bi-rotating bezel until the correct hour, the number of the line in 24-hour care tips and hints. The blue-and-red color scheme of the bezel and case are immediately indicate that, in the day or night, and in the second hour of the qurşağında is selected. The 48-separately locking the positions of The rotating ring allows you to set it up for the areas that have been trying for half an hour, its neighbouring countries, such as India, Burma, and the state of South Australia. The other option is to use the 24-hour drop-down arrow to select the other is the shelf life of the frame to its original state.

The 48-separately locking the positions of The rotating ring allows you to set it up for the areas that have been trying for half an hour, its neighbouring countries, such as India, Burma, and the state of South Australia. The other option is to use the 24-hour drop-down arrow to select the other is the shelf life of the frame to its original state. The sin of using this method is that the movement must be at the heart of where the hand is, in turn, the dirty heads, the third, the extended state, which means that you will need on the other hand, once again, in order to restore it for the second time. The clock, on the other hand, are naturally rotating when the crown is in the boom, so that it should be restored to its proper position in your local time together, and, if necessary, you should also take into account the change in the course of history.

The Black Bay GMT, easy to install, the new local time when you travel. All you have to do is return the crown to middle position and rotate it. Basic-hours and, on the other hand, the reaction, or motion, or the rate of return in a couple of hours in the stage, while the movement continues. The 24-hour hand to save time at home or for a certain period of time by the second hour of the qurşağında. And when you come back home after a trip, you can not only restore the key clockwise, by hand, forward or backward.

The big rippled the wind-up of the head, this being the position, and in line with the exceptional of the first diver’s watch, the Omega, which was water resistant to 200 meters, it’s very comfortable and easy. The wind-up key is screwed into the long tube, but it’s easy enough to fix, secure, snap it on individual positions, and are safe to pass through a small, but very resistant to spring.

OK, stop the work, Both during the day and at night
The stylised rose at the crown, similar to the original, Tudor’s logo on it. Since 1969, the brand has used the weapon, the shield in his calling. When you use the theorem in the course of our testing of the watch, and it was inspired by a diving watch made by Omega in the 1950’s.

The light-hour applications, in the eight circles of the two rectangles, and a triangle to stand out against a black background, depending on whether it is still available. In conjunction with the “snowflake” of arrows, each of which is filled with a material that gives off light, in this application provides a stark contrast in the day, and the brightness of the light, in the night, for an optimal readability of the day and night.

The Snowflake hands are a strong design feature of the Omega watch that was first introduced in 1969. In spite of the fact that they can be fed up to three times less likely to mix them up. An impressive, large, typical snowflake on the face, dominates the steering wheel, in the second, a constant of the motion in the second direction, the third, a slow, red 24-hour hand.

Marking according to still be rotated in either direction and features a two-tone aluminum qaxmalı a matte navy blue and burgundy red in color. It is inlaid in accordance with a look at the style of the typical patterns, of the Black Bay line is a thin, ribbed side of the bezel that runs in a 41 mm stainless steel case, with a steadily increasing pressure of 20 bar.

This watch can go down to 200 feet below the surface of the water, there still isn’t a full-fledged divers ‘ watch, even though it has many of the same features, including a single-sided folding clasp with an extension mechanism, and a safety lock.

It is a beautiful combination of a frame, and the case that is sealed with a studded strap, as well as in many other parts of the Black Bay GMT, remember to Tudor watches of the 1950’s and 60’s. The bands of these models are well-known, in order to show the minds of those who are connected to the various components and the step-like arrangement. The steel bracelet of the Black Bay GMT, it narrows down to a width of 22 mm and its relation to the cause of up to 18 mm at the buckle.

The bracelet is solid, the parts are manufactured using the most modern manufacturing processes. The other links are also available in leather tanned to a shade of brown, and is known as the ” Terra di Siena, or fabric. The fabric belts are made in France by a family-owned company with a 150-year-old company that makes use of the traditional jacquard weaving technique.

The movement is carried out over a Long period of Time, and with very Few errors
The back of the case of the Black Bay GMT is a solid and sturdy. The metal back panel of the housing, and the housing is good, but the coverage is a pity hides out in a new production of the Caliber of MT5652. The band features a skeletonized rotor, however, the bridges and the signs have a simple, allowing the preservation of the original features of the Cottage, in the past, the production of the movements, which have been designed and built to be a priority, and ruggedness, durability, and reliability of the information. Good balance with variable inertia is securely held in place under a bridge instead of a cock. With this increased stability, along with antimagnetic silicon hairspring, is designed to help Grade MT5652 to achieve the data collection of the system’s current status. Thank you for those, approximately 70 hours of power reserve, this watch will fast-forward it, or reset it in a morning, and after that, you have to go, unworn and in the room. As a comparison, an ETA Caliber 2893, which is widely used in the GMT models, and is equipped with a 42-hour power autonomy. The Black Bay GMT, the gain is less than 1 second per day, when the wound was completely worn on the wrist, however, it does not comply with the timing of 3 or 4 seconds a day, for 42 hours in a row without a new transfusion of energy.

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