iQOO Z3 Mobile Review India 2021

iQOO seems to have come out swinging this year, with two powerful ” flagship killer in the form of a iQOO 7 (review) and the iQOO 7 Legend (review). I have examined both to the phone and to be sure, the devices will continue to be my go-to recommendations for anyone who wants to buy a high quality phones in the Rs 30-40K price segment.

With that being said, the people, the iQOO do not want to just sit on their laurels, and are now popping up in a lot of the volume, with its latest offering, the iQOO C3. Live in the harsh and competitive-priced segment of the market, the iQOO 3 brings with it a bunch of never-before-seen features and specifications, the chief among them is that Qualcomm’s brand new Snapdragon 768G processor. But is it enough to fend off competition from its competitors? Let’s find out in this review.


The iQOO C3 is conveniently the phone, you are sure to stir things up in the budget segment. The device is the Snapdragon X 768, Maximum, this will help to differentiate between them in terms of pure performance, and 55W fast charging is very convenient. However, the user on the consumption of media and on-the-go and want to take a look at other options that you can consider to 3) have a run-of-the-mill LCD screen, and a modest audio set-up.


iQOO knows a thing or two about how to design a good-looking phone. The company’s latest challenger, it sports a plastic back, it’s still a very, very, very good, thanks to the gentle gradient of the t. What’s more, unlike some of the other competitors, the iQOO C3 is toting a matte finish on the back side of the spots in the bay area. In the context of clean water and the device is discreet, the camera module, the iQOO 3) aesthetics, and will, no doubt, to keep you and the potential buyers.

Right now, the iQOO C3 is held together by an aluminium frame, and the belt is out of the handset, to turn it back, ever so slightly, giving it a slightly rough to the touch. In addition, your phone is your camera module, extending it to the outside is just a blur, in order to allow the device to shake, when it’s on a flat surface. With that being said, the smartphone will be the breakdown of the weight, that it was, in my opinion, and I was able to easily use the phone with one hand, which can be accredited to the device on the flat surface at the bottom. Speaking of which, you really can balance your phone in an upright position on a flat, level surface, that is, it’s a neat party trick, in my opinion.

To add to the list, of course, the iQOO 3 will also feature a headphone jack on the bottom panel, which is located near the USB Type-C port. With that being said, the phone does not have the Hi-res certification, and nor does it ship with a dual-speaker setup. So, if you are in a high-fidelity audio playback, or to watch a movie on one device, then the devices like Redmi Note 10 Pro Max (review), that is, without a doubt, it will lead to a better audio setup. Moving on is already the iQOO C3 features, IP52 rating, so it needs to be in order to survive the occasional water splashes. The firm has been set to display on the phone with Corning Gorilla Glass equivalent, the Panda and the glass must be limited, scratches, and wear and tear, to a certain extent.

In order to move on, just like the Redmi Note 10 line-up, the iQOO 3 comes with a side-mounted capacitive fingerprint sensor. The last one was in perfect working condition, in my testing, and it is, quite simply, the fastest fingerprint sensors I’ve tested so far. On the face of the tech work just as well, even though the accuracy is, however, a sharp dip in low light conditions. Regardless of the iQOO 3) don’t waste time getting you to your home screen. Unfortunately, the smartphone has been in the haptics, leaves a lot to be desired, and I do not like it, and the engine is in the mushy feedback at all.


Display-wise, the iQOO C3, and has a 6.58-inch FHD+ LCD panel refresh to 120hz. Of course, this is the display board on the iQOO C3, would have been in a lot of SMARTPHONE technology. However, this is not to say that the screen of the smartphone, it is a very bad thing. As such, the panel is of the colour reproduction is to turn to the advantage of a real display, the viewing angles are reasonable, and the screen is very bright in the 460nits as well. If anything, I think that it would have to be a slimmed-down and the bottom of the ring and opted for a smaller, more discreet solution. If you are using the current state of play, the iQOO 3) from the front, it looks like 2018, with a waterdrop notch.

Fortunately, the company is giving an opportunity to the buyer to select a refresh rate from the default settings, including a 60-hz, 90 hz and 120 hz, respectively. Of course, you want to use your phone to 120Hz, for the smoothest animations, and even if it is able to reduce the refresh rate, it can net you a better battery life. Unfortunately, in spite of the claims of the phone that does not support HDR playback of the OTT services such as Netflix. I came across this anomaly, if I am the president of the iQOO 7, as well as the iQOO 7 of the Legend, both of which are promoted HDR10 certification is, also, it will only be able to relay the stream in the HD quality. Don’t worry, it’s iQOO need to do is to go back to the drawing board, as well as to deal with the problem.

Finally, if you plan on playing lots of games at your next phone, then you will need to take on some of the iQOO 3) 180Hz touch sampling rate. It’s not the most responsive, the display on the market, but it should be enough for the majority of mobile gamers.


Of late, there have been a number of compelling camera phones in the budget segment. Devices such as the Redmi Note 10 Pro Max and the Mi 10, which is proof that the buyers are not spending too much on a smartphone, and the quality of the photography experience. So, how does it work iQOO C3-food in this area? Well, before I talk about that, let’s put a camera in the specs out of the way first.

The iQOO 3 is using Samsung’s ISOCELL GW3 64MP sensor, which can also be found on the Redmi Note 10 Pro. The device is also equipped with an 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, and a 2mp macro shooter. For selfies, users will be greeted with a 16MP front-facing camera. If you are coming from in the quality of the images, as well as the iQOO C3, can be reasonably sharp images throughout the day, with a lot of details.

With that being said, it is the color most often veer in the direction of the punchier colors, so that you will have the green and blue to look a little more alive. In one of the photos attached below, so you’re sure to find a couple of things –

First of all, the smartphone offers a pretty good job at it, in order to get out of the shadows, without any change in the overall exposure of the scene. The same is evident from the picture of the pink building, and here it is, the iQOO 3) managed to get to the green in the leaves on the trees in the foreground, and it’s a natural progression.

Also, a closer crop of photos using the phone’s main sensor is not a show about how to sharpen the knives, which is a good thing.

The Smartphone houses a bright shade of red is pretty good too, as is shown by the close-up view of the flower, which I have attached in the gallery.

That being said, the 64MP mode, too little to be desired. For a period of time, your smartphone tries to keep the copies of the check clipping-in to check-out, and I didn’t see this in a shade of pink in the bright areas of the image as well.

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