Redmi Magic 6R Review India 2021


It has been a little over three months ago, the nubia Red Magic 6, and we’ve come up with a different version of a gaming-centric flagship nubia Red magic-6R. This is the (R) – acing the model is intended for the standard version, with a sleek appearance, with a smaller and lighter body, and a better selfie camera.

The Red-and-Magic-6R need to stay on top of the impressive gaming kit, the original model, so that we are able to know that we’re in for a treat.

It’s the first thing anyone would notice about the nubia Red Magic, 6R, it’s easier on the eyes design. The dazzling colors, be gone, replaced by a sleek, silver and black in color, with an absolute minimal amount of decorative elements.

The built-in fan allows for a thinner, lighter body. Let’s just hope that the improvement of the passive cooling system; it is up to the job.

The screen has been shrunk a little bit, a little bit of the off-diagonal entries, it is now a 6.67-inch), a decrease of 6.8 million”. And even though I was still in TOUCH with a 10-bit color support, and the refresh rate maxes out at 144Hz, the 165Hz. We’re not sure if we will be able to see it as a loss, and a handful of games to supporting super high refresh rate anyway.

The Red-and-Magic-6R has retained the same Snapdragon 888 5G chip. 400-the pressure-sensitive triggers are right here to stay.

Unfortunately, the “Red Magic” 6R lost out on the top of the speaker, and it does not have a 3.5 mm audio jack.

The 64MP main and 8MP ultrawide camera is going to be the same as the order of the Red Magic 6, but they were received as peers, an improved 5MP camera with a macro, and a 2mp depth sensor. In the selfie, the camera is going to have a problem with was, well, there is a 16MP an 8 mega-pixel.

Ultimately, it is the smaller, Red-and-Magic-6R is one of the body, it is home to one of the smaller battery, and there is a 4,200 mAh cell with a 30-charging the overall units and 55W charging with the Chinese version of the text.

The Red Magic and the 6 is a 5,050 mAh battery with up to 66W fast charging. We would like them to be longer in our battery life and the recharging of the chapter, of course.

Just as the Red-and-Magic-6, 6R, it is not water-resistant. And there isn’t a microSD card slot.

According to the official web-site, in the Red, Magic, 6R, must be in accordance with the Ice-Bridge of the RGB, cooler for, the E-commerce Deal with, and that is a good thing, as you have to squeeze the maximum out of your games from your phone.

Unboxing the nubia Red Magic 6R

The Red-and-Magic-6R comes packaged in a beautiful black box. It will give your phone a,, and a red USB charging cable, and a 30W power brick, and a red, and a 3.5 mm-to-USB-C adapter.

In some of the areas in which improvement is important, of course. However, there has not been a driving force in the isolation of the Snapdragon 690 of the new model is much more powerful, and, at the very least, a little bit more competitive as compared to its rivals of the day. The 5G support will be a part of the transaction, as a result of the new chipset.

A significant increase in the capacity of the battery of 4,500 mAh battery (3,600 mAh battery in last year), it is one of the most positive developments. It comes with a little bit of extra weight, but at 169g, and the Mk-3 is an even more practical and compact furniture pieces.

The less tangible changes that has been a stumbling block in the memory (RAM) 6 GB (prior to 4 GB), and now has added HDR support to the otherwise apparently identical to that of the 6-inch OLED display. Unfortunately, this is a 60hz panel, and it is hardly likely to be in style, regardless of its position in the market.

Of all the things that have gone by, it still deserves a mention, which is the most important of these is IP65/68 ratings for dust and water resistance – which is a rare occurrence in the middle of the field, and it really is the sony Xperia 10, and (III) apart from each other. Gorilla Glass 6 in the sandwich, it’s just an item for the price. This is an overview of the main specs.

For Sony Xperia 10 (III) unboxing

And We have our Xperia 10 (III) review unit of the well-known white-box and Sony, and has been for a number of years now. There was a minimum amount of accessories, a charger, and a USB cable to go with it.

The fee is based on the a slave to 7.5 w of power, and a low-value, which we haven’t seen in a long time. Your phone supports the USB PowerDelivery and take advantage of the higher-powered, adapter – such as the 30-watt-XQZ-UC1-drive, but that’s not what that was part of our review unit.

Perhaps, the retail units will have to be provided in a variety of ways. In addition, Sony has been known to set the content from one region to another, so the variation is due to the locale, may also apply.

In order to sweeten the deal for early birds, and that Sony is offering a pair of WOMEN in.-CH710N noise-canceling headphones, and is free of charge, with the sony Xperia 10 and (III) of the purchase period varies from one region to the next.

The headset has a suggested retail PRICE of $ 150, however, you should be retailing for around $ 90, is still a pretty good value, as we can rely on each other.

Bafflingly enough, however, for some devices, including the ever-popular flagship model in the forest, and have a whole lot in the form of a selfie camera, the better.

Please enter the data-Q21 duo. Their call to fame, however, is, without a doubt, the 44MP, f/2.0 selfie camera with auto-focus and OIS. And it’s not something you see every day. Not by a long shot.

With the powerful selfie camera is off to the side, and the Q21 duo, don’t skimp on the rest of the spec-sheets of the two. This is an amazingly thin, the phone measures 159.7 x 73.9 x 7.3 mm and tipping the scales at 176 grams, while it was still on the premises of a respectable 4,000 mAh battery.

In the middle of the field, the MediaTek Dimensity 800U, at its core, coupled with 8 gb of RAM memory. And, in front, in the middle of it, there is a very strong and smooth 90Hz AMOLED display with HDR10+ support.

The camera is set up on the back side, not too bad, with a 64MP main snapper, 8MP ultrawide, and a 2mp macro.

All in all, what do we do with the v21 will, on a piece of paper, this is a solid midranger. However, it is the PRICE of a little more than $ 300 in order to make the 5G model, which is presented in this report, are subject to an adequate level of competition.

And this competition is often unable to deliver on some of the things vitro offers are seen as ingress protection, and a stereo speaker setup, and a 3.5 mm jack, and NFC), just to name a few. The Q21; it is, however, a clear spot feature is the selfie camera.

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